samrita trust

Mission: Education of Blind Students-Preschool to Employment

Aims: Harness Technology to Help  Blind Students.

Mission:"Education of bind students-Preschool to Employment"

Talking Books

Production and donation of digital talking  books of study materials required by blind students to get degrees and jobs was started in 2006. New talking books are produced whenever syllabi are changed and donated to blind students. Talking books are produced exclusively for benefit of blind students. Hence they are donated to registered members of library of Samrita Trust. To know more, click Talking Books.

Braille books

Samrita Trust recognized the basic need of textbooks in braille for blind students in schools and started the project Text Books in Braille in association with NIVH, Chennai. New text books asaş published by Government of Andhra Pradesh from class 1 to 10 were converted into braille script and NIVH, Chennai embossed them and supplied to schools in Andhra Pradesh. Whenever syllabi are changed and new text books are published, Samrita Trust undertakes conversion and distribution to NIVH, Chennai for supply to schools. To know more click

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