Check out the latest best German replica watch brands list

Germany - often referred to as the land of thought - has many good brands. Industry-leading cars, of course, delicious beer. But the watch? Is this not a Swiss thing? Germany now has a thriving replica watch industry and should not be surprised now.

Germans are not slack in precision engineering and design, and - this is especially important - they, like Swiss replica watches, take stock of the best German watch brands.

The watchmaking system in Germany stems from its origins. Today, one of Germany's long-established German companies has recently released a series of new design replica watches. However, the real catalyst for German watchmaking appeared in a small village Glashütte making replica watches. His company, now known as A. Lange & S?hne, is owned by the powerful Richemont Group and comfortably with replica orologi and Vacheron Constantin in the high-end watchmaker's shrine. sit together.

As a spiritual home for German watchmaking, Glashütte has a watch company on almost every street and even has its own watch museum. In fact, the word "Glashütte" is now synonymous with quality (if at least 50% of the watch is made in the village, the manufacturer can only be placed on the dial). Although the German watch industry ceasuri replica may never be as big as Switzerland - it initially tended to focus on the mid- to high-end sector and did not have a Swatch-style mass market maker, but it showed healthier.

According to government data, Germany’s replica watch exports increased by 14% in 2015, while Switzerland fell by 3.3%. Last year, only Glashütte produced 32,000 replica watches with a total value of at least 500 million euros. Best German watch brand list.