IWC releases the latest limited edition of Saint Exupery 2014

This time IWC brought us three different versions of the Saint Exupéry pilot chronograph. This is a plus for friends who like Spitfire and you can add a valuable collection. This Saint Exupery version pilot chronograph takes its name from the last flight of Exupery. The last flight of 1944 was a tragedy for Exupery.

All three watches use a 46mm case, and the internal movement also uses the same 89361 movement. They have a flyback timing function and use a 12 hour cumulative 12 hour timer to record time. If they are full, they can provide 68 hours of battery life.replica watches uk Although both are limited editions, due to the different materials of the case, there are also differences in the number of limited editions. There are 17 pieces in white gold, 170 pieces in rose gold and approximately 1,700 pieces in titanium alloys. Decorating these three watches with this smoky gray hue is also linked to Saint Exupery's age at that time, highlighting the charm of mature men.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry was the first French driver. He was born in Lyon in 1900. He was born into a Catholic family with parents of noble blood. In 1904, when his father died, his mother took five of her siblings to her distant relatives who fled from her mother.fake watches uk During the trip, Little Anthony became interested in mechanical movement and dreamed of flying into the sky. In 1912 he met the well-known pilot Wei Delin and was first taken to the sky by Wei Delin. Enlisted in the army in 1921, but the first flight happened unexpectedly, barely landing.

Last year, IWC also launched the Little Prince limited edition watch. The character of the little prince is from Saint Exupery, a short story he created in 1942 and published in 1943. It should be Saint Exupery. The inheritance here. At 8:30 am on July 31, 1944, Saint Exupery took off again to perform the mission, but unfortunately only a short sentence remained in the flight log: "The high-altitude flight footage performed by Saint Exupery in the southern French mission. got back."